Faculty updates

Major Renovations Complete & Both Scopes Up!

The major renovations for the facility are done and both scopes are up and running.  Minor touch-ups will continue.  Both the Titan and Glacios are up and running. I will be running everyone’s samples and setting the microscopes up for the next week or two while we assess microscope stability.  Please contact me if you want time on either scope. …

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Titan Delivery Scheduled for Nov. 1st & 2nd

We are in the final process of confirming that the Titan will be delivered Nov. 1st & 2nd (Thr. & Fri.). Baring further unforeseeable problems, installation can finally begin! If you are interested in witnessing this event e-mail Duncan.

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Facility Network attached to HoRNet…

Great News!! The final approvals for attaching the Titan facility to HoRNet have gone through. The Titan in Rangos G36 will now have 10+GB network speeds both to MARCC, WBSB, and the outside world.

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