Sample preparation Mini-Workshop! 07-01-2019 (Monday ~10a-5p)

The first sample preparation mini-workshop will be on 07-01-2019 (Monday ~10a-5p) Topic(s):– Negative staining– Cryo grid preparation This mini-workshop will cover how to make negative stain grids for those without experience.  For those with more experience, it will cover cryo grid preparation. This workshop will have a strong community component where users help each other and assist in the review…

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User Meeting @ 9a Fri (06/28) – PCTB 708

The June EM user meeting is this Friday @ 9 am (05/28) in PCTB 708. Current Topic(s):– User projects– Facility updates– bi-monthly EM workshops date discussion Sample Preparation Mini-Workshop:– Cryo grid preparation– Negative staining– (Streptavidin grip preparation?) Workshop Doodle Poll:https://doodle.com/poll/vyyqybasp3r9w6u7

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Titan Installation Update…

The Titan installation is progressing smoothly. Unfortunately, there a other installations nearby that are taking up a lot of the engineers’ time. Currently, the enclosure is being built.

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