The Thermo Fisher F200C Talos™ 200 kV TEM

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This instrument is part of the Integrated Imaging Center (IIC). To use the instrument contact the IIC Director, Dr. Duncan Sousa at


This instrument is a 200 kV high resolution transmission electron microscope built by FEI (now Thermo Fisher). With automation software such as Leginon, SerialEM, and/or EPU, this instrument is capable of producing hundreds of high resolution images per day. and sufficient data within 1 to 3 days to determine structures at 3 Å or better for ideal samples.

• 200 kV
• Falcon II direct detector
• Ceta camera
• high tilt angle (+/- 85 degrees)
• EPU automated image acquisition software
• (2) Gatan 626 cryo holders (70 degree tilt maximum)

• IIC on the Homewood campus, LEVI Building, room 45