The Beckman Center for Cryo-EM at Johns Hopkins provides cutting edge cryo-EM to the Johns Hopkins and regional communities. Located in the Rangos building on the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine campus, the center houses a 300 kV G3 Titan Krios TEM, along with a 200 kV Glacios TEM with Gatan K3 camera and fast ceta camera (to be installed in Spring 2022), and an Aquilos II for FIB-SEM and cryo-CLEM (to be installed Fall 2022). The Beckman Center is equipped for all aspects of high-resolution single-particle cryo-EM and tomography data collection, as well as preparation of samples for both single-particle cryo-EM and tomography.

The Titan Krios is equipped with a phase plate and Gatan K3 direct electron detector. In spring 2022, the Krios will be upgraded with fringe free imaging, a Selectris energy filter, and a Falcon IV detector. The center also center also maintains various support equipment such as a FEI Vitrobot Mark IV and Pelco easiGlow.

Technical assistance is provided upon request. Training is available for all levels of user experience on an as needed basis. Please contact the operations director, Dr. Duncan Sousa, for details. Additional details on our available equipment can be found on our equipment page. Information on scheduling, rates, etc. can be found here.

The Beckman Center was made possible through generous grants from the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and private, anonymous donors.

For all inquires, contact the operations director:
Duncan Sousa, Ph.D.
Email – dsousa1@jhmi.edu
Office Phone – 410-955-3750
Titan Phone – 410-955-3750
Text – Director’s Cell #