Scheduling, Rates & Policies

Schedule time on the Titan Krios or the Vitrobot through iLab or by contacting the Operations Director, Duncan Sousa (Phone/Text,

Johns Hopkins Users:
Scheduling for Johns Hopkins users will require an iLab account.
Please visit the iLab Site to schedule time.
Trained users can schedule time whenever the instrument is available.
Users who require assistance or trianing must contact Duncan to arrange an appropriate time.
Monday and Tuesday are reserved for screening and divided into 3 sessions: 8a-2p, 2p-8p, and 8p-8a. Wednesday through Sunday can be used for either screening from 8a-2p or data collection.
For those with grids ready for screening or data collection, you may add them to the Titan room storage dewar and join the ‘On Deck’ list on the Titan room whiteboard. Anyone ‘On Deck’ will be given time from last minute cancellations.

External Users:
Scheduling can only be done by contacting Operations Director, Duncan Sousa (Phone/Text, e-mail). The first stage is a quick discussion about the project and whether our resources can accommodate your needs. A mutually agreeable date will be set for the experiment. Users are welcome to come in person to assist with data collection, but shipping the samples via a dry shipper is high recommended (e.g., the CX100). Once data collection is complete, users will have 3 weeks to upload their data from our servers.

Funding is available for faculty associated with the School of Medicine through the Core Coins mechanism. Applicants will need to demonstrate their project has scientific merit and facility time will not be wasted. Core Coins are limited to available Titan Krios time, however all reasonable requests will be funded as long as there is available Titan Time.  Applicants should e-mail Dr. Sousa or Prof. Berger with their request.

Unexpected Downtime
Should there be any unexpected downtime that prevents data collection during your Titan Krios session (autoloader errors, database failures, etc.), we will reschedule you for the soonest mutually available time and your samples will be prioritized for any time that opens up from cancelations.

Minimum Titan Vitrobot
Unit hrs/# grids $/hrs $/hrs
4/4 $45 $30
4/4 $60 $50
4/4 $80 $75
4/4 $165 $135

* – External non-profit costs are +20%. Please contact for industry rates.