The Thermo Fisher G3i Titan Krios™ 300 kV TEM

Scheduling, Rates & Policies

This instrument is the latest generation of high resolution transmission electron microscope featuring the latest technology. With automation software (EPU), this instrument is capable of producing thousand of high resolution images per day and sufficient data within 1 to 3 days to determine structures at 3 Å or better for ideal samples. This instrument has been benchmarked to 1.5 Å with Apoferritin.

• 300 kV
• Falcon4i direct electron detector
• Selectris Energy Filter
• Ceta screening camera
• Parallel illumination
• Phase Plate
• Autoloader for up to 12 grids
• Dual axis tilt holder (+/- 70 degrees)
• 10,000+ images per day
• 50+ tomograms per day