The Thermo Fisher G3 Titan Krios™ 300 kV TEM

Scheduling, Rates & Policies

This instrument is the latest generation of high resolution transmission electron microscope featuring the latest technology. With automation software such as Leginon, SerialEM, and/or EPU, this instrument is capable of producing thousand of high resolution images per day and sufficient data within 1 to 3 days to determine structures at 3 Å or better for ideal samples.

• 300 kV
K3 Gatan direct detector
• Ceta screening camera
• Parallel illumination
Phase Plate
• Autoloader for up to 12 grids
• Dual axis tilt holder (+/- 70 degrees)
• 1.2 Å resolution (gold diffraction)
• 3 Å or better resolution (ideal sample)
• 2000+ images per day
• 50+ tomograms per day